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 GRANDMASTER SOKE' O. LANE, 9th Dan, Prof. PhD. MA. SEISHI KARATE HONBU, Founder/ Executive  Director.  
 INTERNATIONAL KYOKUSHIN, Director, Consultant, Trainer. TOWMAHOFWSHHGC, International Executive Director.  

                                                                   About Grandmaster SOKE' O. Lane... 
                                                                   Seishi Juku Karate instruction in Ithaca N.Y. and surrounding areas is under the professional direction of                                                                                                      Grandmaster Hanshi O. Lane, 9th Dan, Professor / Lecturer and Soke, of Traditional Karate Discipline, 
                                                                    Kumite (sparring), Personal Defense, Aikido, Kendo, Iaido, Kyudo, Traditional Weaponry, (including Bo, 
                                                                   Jo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nunchuku, Yumi, Taiko drumming and Taiko Bachi (baton-defense).   

                                                                   Grandmaster SOKE' O. Lane is well known and respected worldwide for his serious, life long philosophy,                                                                                                       mindful discipline and compassion. Presently, SOKE' Lane is one of the first U.S. student ambassadors,                                                                                                        certified by the world famous Mastutatsu Oyama of Japan.  SOKE' Lane is respected by his peers as a life long 
                                                                   Karatetka, Kata, Kumite and tameshiwari champion. During his international tour of Japan, SOKE Lane won 
                                                                   Gold Medal Kumite Champion; winning over light and heavy weight opponents, at the All Japan World Karate                                                                                              tournament.  As a professor and lecturer, SOKE' Lane has been awarded the prestigious Cornell University                                                                                                Merrill Presidential Scholar "Outstanding Educator" Award, in May 2001. 

 SOKE' Lane has been inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, since 1983, for his accomplishments as "three time world Kata and Kumite  Champion" and three time World Martial Arts "Instructor of the Year". He is a "Golden Samurai" World Hall Of Fame award recipient. One of the most  prestigious honors presented to him, personally, by the late Grandmaster Dr. E. A. Moore (2/22/42-10/1/12), founder of The World Martial Arts  Hall Of        Fame; established, since 1968.  SOKE' Lane is recognized and honored for his life time achievements, commitment and unselfish contributions to                world  martial arts, since 1966. 

 Respectfully, in 2013, "The World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame" was re-dedicated, as "The Original World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame International Sokeship  Council".  Grandmaster SOKE' Lane is currently International Executive President; recognizing and documenting outstanding accomplishments and  achievements within Martial Arts, Self-defense Arts, Personal Enrichment, Health and Mindful Performance, worldwide.  

 Training History...
 In 1966, SOKE' Lane became inspired by Mastutasu Oyama's Kyokushin-Kai Karate. He began his serious training as one of the first american  students  of  the world famous Masutatsu Oyama... at the historic training hall "School of Scientific Karate and Judo", located at the renowned  Brooklyn Academy  Of  Music, New York U.S.A. SOKE' Lane trained many years and perfected what is know today as "The Legondary Strongest Karate" Kyokushin Karate.  
 SOKE'  Lane's most dearest friendship, during his training in Kyokushin Karate currently remains with Shihan W. Bailey. 
 SOKE' Lane and Shihan W. Bailey, both trained along side, some of the best Kyokushin martial artists of all times; such as Master(Sensei) Claude  Battle, Grandmaster/ShusekiShihan William Oliver, Master(Sensei) Maureen Brazil, Master (Sensei) Thomas Wiggins, Master ( Sensei) Greely Tyson and  more, too many to list. 

 SOKE' Lane's life long martial arts training is tempered and polished by the "Legendary Strongest Karate" training of World Famous Masutatsu Oyama  (Korean / Japanese descendant). SOKE' Lane is very intimate with Kyokushin Kai ("Ultimate Truth") karate, along with other traditional martial art styles, 
 and training systems high lighted below. Lane's overall knowledge and mastery of Kyokushin Karate stems for a period of over (5 Decades) fifty years; 
 over twenty five years of Seido Karate; over thirty years with Goju Ryu Karate and over twenty five years with Koshiki Karate-do. 

 SOKE' Lane's Goju Ryu Karate-do training and experience, began and remains with Grandmaster Hanshi Yogi Isreal Segarra and Shihan A. Segarra; 
 Hanshi and Shihan Segarra are life long senior students of Grandmaster Gogen"The Cat"Yamaguchi, founder of Goju Karate-do.   
 SOKE' Lane's expert use of traditional karate weapons is inspired directly with Grandmaster (sensei) Fumio Demura, world renowned expert of Shito  Ryu  Karate and Kobudo Weaponry. SOKE' Lane's Koshiki Karate-do  experience remains with the late Grandmaster Dr. E.A. Moore, 
 Dr. Moore was a life long senior student of Grandmaster Hanshi Masayuki Hisataka, founder of ("Koshiki Karate") Shorinji Ryu / Kenkukan. 

 Teaching experience and commitment......
 SOKE' Lane began sharing and teaching his discipline in 1975. As a national and world martial arts practitioner, competitor and champion; with  extensive  training and teaching experience; SOKE' Lane introduced the first traditional karate training programs at educational facilities; such as  Tompkins Cortland  Community College, Cornell University and Ithaca College. SOKE' Lane continues training and teaching, as a loyal student to late  Mastustatsu Oyama; who  died in 1994. SOKE' Lane established college credit courses, training clinics and workshops, satisfying interests of many loyal  students. SOKE' Lane  established Seido Karate Ithaca training programs in 1992 and successfully founded and established Seishi Juku Karate, in 2005 Seishi Juku karate is a  mindful martial arts practice, surpassing former training systems, to date...  
 Over many years of training and teaching, SOKE' Lane instinctively developed and introduced, higher levels of training and performance for Seishi  students.  Students training directly at "Seishi Honbu", are living proof of Hanshi Lane's personal discipline and passion for "Karate-do".
 SOKE' Lane's life long experience and personal compassion, continues to stimulate professional martial arts, friendships and recognition, within  students  and peers throughout the United States as well as within countries such as, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

 Consultant & Personal Trainer.

                                                               About Nidaime Shihan M. Lane ...
                                                               Seishi Juku Karate instruction and program direction is under the assistant direction of Nidaime Shihan M. Lane.                                                                                      Shihan M. Lane, 7th Dan is Director and Chief Instructor of Seishi Juku Karate, Kumite(sparring), Self- defense                                                                                          and martial arts weaponry, including Bo and, Jo staff , Sai, Kendo and Iaido. 
                                                               Shihan Lane enjoys national and international tournament competition and is known for her spirited fluid Kata and                                                                                    outstanding Tameshiwari (Head Break) Shihan has received many awards for her martial art performances, in the                                                                                    U.S.A and in countries such as Italy, Brazil, Japan, Chile, Australia and South Africa. 

                                                               Training History...
                                                               Shihan M. Lane began her training in Korean / Japanese martial arts, yoga and meditation in 1977.  
                                                               During 1988-1996, Shihan Lane trained in Seido Karate, Kyokushin Karate and Seishi Juku Karate since 1992. 
                                                               Shihan relocated to the Ithaca New York area in 1996 and continued Seishi Juku Karate training, directly with                                                                                              Grandmaster Hanshi O. Lane, achieving her 2nd, 3rd, 4th Dan Sensei, 5th & 6th Dan Kyoshi, and 7th Dan Shihan. 
                                                                Teaching Experience and Commitment... 
                                                                During 1988-96 Shihan M. Lane devoted over seven years teaching martial arts, at the New York                                                                                                                     High School For Social Change, Special Education, with Shihan W. Bailey. To date, Shihan M. Lane has over 17  years  experience, teaching Seishi Juku Karate credit courses, lectures and workshops, at Cornell University, Ithaca College, public schools and home  school  organizations. Shihan M. Lane teaches the official discipline of Seishi Juku Karate, including formal techniques and personal enrichment, 
 for Adults and children as young as 3.5 years old.   

 The following members are well versed in requirements, responsibilities, principles and benefits of World Seishi Juku  Karate and   Kyokushin Karate... Furthermore, they honor and respect the importance of sincerity, within their continued training, Seeking the true meaning of Family, Community and Mindful Discipline!  

 *SENSEI T. STRAUSS. 4th Dan; *SENSEI B. RICHMAN, 4th Dan; *SENSEI D. MC KENNA, 4th Dan; *J. MC KENNA, 1st Dan  
 *SENPAI C. ARCHER 3rd Dan; *SENPAI J. ENG, 2nd Dan; *SENPAI T.  MURPHY, 2nd Dan; *J. HUE, 2nd Dan, *J. GOLDBERG 2nd Dan; 
 *C. STILLWELL; 1st Dan *T. MOLINA,1st Dan; *J. MC KENNA, 1st Dan *C. WEINGARTEN,1st Dan; *J. KORNREICH,1st Dan; *I. CHAN, 1st Dan; 
 *A. BOUND,1st Dan,*E. COMERFORD,1st Dan; *K. SELBY 1st Dan; *M. DAVIS, 1st Dan; * C. STILLWELL; 1st Dan *L. BERGGREN 1st Dan; 
 *A. BERGGREN 1st Dan;
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