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#1 Special Place For Authentic Martial Arts Instruction & Personal Enrichment 
                       WORLD SEISHI KARATE HONBU, ITHACA, NY 14850
Interested in learning about "Real Discipline"?
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Personal enrichment for adults and children...   Our unique Seishi Juku training has proven to reverse loss of memory, cognitive skills and athleticism. Over 50 years, SOKE' Lane has formulated unique training to support  special needs for each student.   
 *** "I was promoted to green belt today! I love my instructors, SOKE' and Shihan Lane. The black belts at the dojo are pretty nifty, too. (at Seishi Karate Honbu)
Putting our expertise to work for you...                     WORLD SEISHI KARATE HONBU Headquarters is proud 
to be recognized for contributing, to our community, as premier provider of "Mindful Discipline". ITHACA and surrounding communities, have embraced "SEISHI KARATE HONBU", as the #1 Special Place for Authentic Martial Arts and Personal Enrichment. We are most thankful for all the consistent praise and patronage received for our professional instruction, qualified teaching staff and training results.  
Best in class! ... What are people saying about it?  
*** "I was a former karate student of SOKE' Lane, back in the 80"s. " Since, I retired from my job three years ago, I've attempted various ways to restore my health"... "Recently, I began training at Seishi Karate Honbu Headquarters and there is a progressive improvement of my overall health and performance. traning again helped me to safely organize and experience my real potential."                       "I'm feeling great!"
Number one... in quality, success and performance!

                       INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATION 
                      OF 51 YEARS...
                      JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA 


​                                         * MARTIAL ARTS WORKSHOPS
                                        * DEMONSTRATIONS      
                                              * CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                *WORLD MARTIAL ARTS 
                                         The Original World Martial Arts                                     Hall Of Fame International 
                                            Conferences And More...                                              S.A. Dates: TBA, 2018
                                Jamaica Dates: TBA,                                  USA. Dates: TBA 2018,  

  ***** SOKE' gives five stars! "Awesome S.A. event!" 
"One of the most exciting, professional, historic
and internationally recognized celebrations of Karate-do; 
witnessed during my fifty plus years of martial arts practice."   
  Seishi Juku Karate-do 
​***Seishi instruction and practice ... as developed by Grandmaster SOKE' O. Lane, is number one in quality, success and performance. Student success and performance has surpassed former training systems. Unlike other martial arts  training emphasizing only physical moves, Seishi training improves patience, confidence, concentration, behavior, health, respect for self and others.  
Adults and children are introduced to philosophy and wisdom; supporting love, compassion and non-violence.                                 
***Official Seishi training includes Seishi Juku Karate, Self-defense, Kumite, Meditation, philosophy, Bo, Jo, Kendo, Iaido and  Kyudo; maintaining traditional etiquette and combining mindful / physical / spiritual practice.

​Did you know? SOKE' Lane is #1 first to introduce & conduct:                  * Personal Defense credit course at I.C.                     Traditional Karate & Taiko Drum club at Cornell U.                     Traditional karate credit course at I.C. (TL)
       * Martial Arts club and Karate course credit at TC3.
   * Traditional Karate, Lake and Falls training Ithaca/T-burg                    Children's Summer Karate Camps.                       Karate instruction for children young as 3 years old.


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Ongoing & Upcoming Events
Women's Personal Self-Defense
Adults and Teens 
Fee... $25...or $35 w/ a Friend...
Registration required.
"SeiDaiko Taiko Drumming is simply awesome!"
*** "I am a music theory professor, looking for a new sound...
After my first few lessons, I found more than I ever imagined.  
SeiDaiko taiko drumming lessons and practice are personally rewarding, self-identifying and their instructors make each session so much more fun"...   
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"Back to School" 2017- 2018   
*After School Enrichment, M-F.
Ongoing Monthly registration. 
  *Sign up now! SEISHI KARATE Fall & Winter Activities..
Seishi Karate & SeiDaiko Taiko Drumming 
Instruction & Care. 
                  White thru Brown belt SATURDAY,                    January 20, 2018, 9:00 AM.  


 REGISTER NOW! Attend with a friend
             SELF-DEFENSE for Adults & Teens             
         Two (1.5 hour) training sessions. 
        Preregistration recommended
            Beginner & experienced levels   
          Individuals - Couples - Groups 
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   Instruction & Performanc       
  Kabuki & Lion Dance.
   Group & Private  
Beginner & experienced.



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