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 WE'RE NOT ANOTHER FITNESS CENTER OR  GYM... Our beautiful, modernly equipped facilities,  are tastefully designed and conducted with formal  likeness and etiquette of traditional Japanese Dojo  (training halls).

 Is Open To Everyone, for daily instruction,   workshops  and special activities to develop "Real   Self-Discipline", personal enrichment, total  fitness   and   more. Whether  you are experienced or  a   beginner,  there is something  special for you,   family members and friends... 

 Seishi Karate-Do offers over five decades of   professional  training and experience. Black Belt   and  Kyu Belt  students, alike, are internationally   recognized and train directly with world renowned   Grandmaster O.  Lane, 9th Dan, Shihan M. Lane, 7th   Dan and certified  Black Belt instructors. 

 Seishi Karate-DO is perfect Training for  motivating   students from all backgrounds of life.   Large or   small  group classes, workshops and  personal   training  sessions are  available as well.

 Seishi Karate-Do is a serious martial art and life   long   discipline that supports and guarantees each  student's success...

 *** "Seishi Kendo" The Art Of The Sword,   begins   with  patience, at intermediate and advance   levels   of Seishi  Karate training. Students learn,   self-   respect, respect  for others, integrity and   compassion.

 *** "SeiDaiko" Taiko Drumming instruction is  available for adults and children. Learn to play  traditional taiko drumming, bachi techniques  Group  or private lessons and performance workshops are  conducted. "Seidaiko Taiko" is progressive   drumming,  bachi techniques and kata (movement 
 forms and  exercise) including traditional and   modern  Asian  Taiko, African and Latin percussion,   Chinese &  Japanese Lion Dance and Kabuki.   Beginners and  experienced.

 *** "Seishi Kyudo" Archery-Meditation for     the   serious  practice of patience and perfection of   traditional  Japanese/Asian Archery. Seasonal   enrollment for  beginners and experienced. Formal   classes and  workshops available. 

 *** Kaylee's Climbing Wall is scheduled to 
 Reopen Summer 2019!  For single or group classes,   open climbs  and  rappelling sessions. Instruction   classes and  workshops for, rope tying, climbing &   rappelling, survival & safety techniques are   offered.   Summer 2019!!!

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 We offer trial Karate classes, special savings and  discounts for ongoing Seishi Karate instruction for  adults and children, as young as 3.5 years old.  Seasonally, we offer popular Seishi JUKU   Personal Self-Defense workshops. 

 *Inquire about: Educational Seminars, Private   Lessons,  After school Care and Enrichment, Adult   and Youth group  workshops. Stress Reduction and   Meditation  Workshops... 

 Choose Our Theme Or your Own... Seishi Karate,   Taiko  Drumming, Games and Music.
 Including professional instruction and participation  for your group. "Seishi Honbu" is For everyone!                                                                                                                 Bring family and friends along!!!
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