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The Significance Of "Seishi", Blossom & Triangle:
"Sei-shin" or "Sei-shi" means "Most Sincere"... 
The Seishi Juku Karate emblem (displayed right) represents "Strong Heart", "Strong Mind" and "Strong Discipline". 

The impatiently growing blossom of the plum tree represents 
the growth of each Seishi Juku student; which is strengthened by "Sanchin" (the three point triangle).

"Through truthful, honest interaction, learning and sharing, with one another, we can develop respect for ourselves and others. With mutual respect we can discover our full potential, embrace compassion and maintain integrity within non-violence."

Seishi Juku Goals...
The goal of Seishi Juku Karate is the physical, mental and spiritual growth of its students. We are a serious traditional martial arts school of men, women, and children, who are interested in motivating and improving mentally, physically and spiritually. We provide you with the training program, supervision and atmosphere, that allows you to realize your full potential for achievement. 

Three main principles of Seishi Juku Karate training are "Strong Heart," "Strong Mind" and "Strong Discipline."Competition is with yourself, not with others. We are not concerned with being better or worse than someone else. Our concern is to improve each day; even if it is just a little more than before. 

Seishi Juku Students...
Seishi Juku Karate  training is practical for everyone! Emphasizing progressive development of mindful and physical strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. One of the goals of Seishi Juku Karate training is to develop strong bodies; which contributes to good health, a general sense of self-confidence and well-being. 

Seishi student goals also aim to develop highest levels of moral character. Seishi students make significant contributions for a better life, family, work place and community.

Student goals are achieved, more readily, by integrating elements of zen ( the importance of  patience) into our daily practice.  Seishi Juku karate, emphasizes unity and inseparability of traditional karate and Zen (the importance of simple things). 

By maintaining and further developing our traditional karate roots, it has become more valuable for men, women and children in this century; and will be more valuable in the next.

Seishi Juku Karate is a higher level of mindful, physical and spiritual practice. Unlike other martial arts systems, (teaching only physical moves) Seishi Juku Karate's training commitment is with personal enrichment  and full potential of each student. 

Official Seishi Juku Karate, as developed over 50 plus years, 
by Grandmaster SOKE' O. Lane, 9th Dan, introduces unique instruction and training methods; which revers loss of memory, cognitive skills and athleticism.

Seishi Juku Karate training also includes: historical, cultural, philosophical and intellectual benefits; inspiring all elements for personal growth without  cult and political overtones or content.

Historically, martial artists of India and Asian, whose lives and values gave so much to Karate, strive to develop "Bushido Spirit". Today, our lives are much different from ancient Indian and Asian Martial Artists and Samurai'... However, "Seishi Karate Bushido Spirit", Etiquette, Intellectual and Philosophical values and wisdom, translates into our milieu. 

Seishi Juku Karate truly seeks to develop a 'non quitting' spirit in each student. No matter what obstacle or emotional, physical, financial difficulty; We support students to understand, although, they may be set back, they will never be overcome by any of these problems. The serious practice of Seishi Juku Karate impresses this idea into the individual spirit. "This mindful interpretation of "Bushido Spirit" is of the Samurai".

Grandmaster SOKE' O. Lane. 9th Dan.Professor, Ph.D. MA. Founder of Seishi Honbu / World Seish Karate / Kyokushin International / The Original World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame World Sokeship Headfounders Headfamilies, Grandmasters Council.
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