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                       WORLD SEISHI KARATE HONBU, ITHACA, NY 14850
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 How to get started???

 If you are undecided, shy or discouraged by a previous training experience...
*Contact us to confirm a convenient day and time, (from our trial class schedule below) 
 to visit Seishi Honbu Headquarters, for a brief introduction and orientation. You may choose to  observe and/ or participate in a trial class. It only takes one trial class to decide, adult or  child. Please call and/or email our office to confirm your intentions.

 Most Trial Classes are conducted as follows:
 *Parent/ Child trial sessions are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4PM. 
 or 5PM. Saturday 9:30 AM. and 10:30 AM.   (By confirmed appointment)  
 *Adult Men/Women, trial sessions are conducted on Tuesday 11:45 AM., 6PM.& 7PM.,  Thursday 11:45, 6PM. & 7PM., Saturday 9:30AM. &10:30AM.

 If you've already decided to train with us...
 *We suggest our popular "Beginner Special Package" for Adults or Children.   
 Save 45% plus... on Three Months Of Unlimited Classes. 
 Including: (Membership, Tuition, 100% Uniform, Embroidered Patches and  
 our most rewarding training experiences. 

 We recommend beginners thru blue kyu belt students to attend beginner and all belt classes.  Please contact us if you are not sure what class schedule is best for you.

 Semi-private and private classes, self-defense and instructional workshops, are optionally  available...

 ** 2:30 PM After School Youth Programs ages 4 -15, Seishi Karate / Taiko Drums/  Roll&Tumble/Fitness, Group Youth Activities.
 ** 4:00PM. Karate Kids/ AlI Belts. Karate Parents /Teen . 
 ** 5:00 PM. Intermediate /Advance /Black Belts.
 ** 6:00 PM. Black Belts.
 ** 0:00 PM. Kendo Advance /Black Belt.  

 ** 8:30 AM. Adult/Teen Beginners & All Belts ( email us to confirm this class).
 ** 11:55 AM. , 12:45 Adult/ Beginners & All Belts.
 ** 2:30 PM. After School Youth Enrichment Programs ages 4 -15, 
 Seishi Karate / Taiko. Drums, Roll/Tumble. Fitness, Group Youth Activities.
 ** 4:00 PM. Karate Kids Beginners/ All Belts. Adults Beginners / All Belts.
 ** 5:00 PM. Karate Kids/ intermediate/Advance Belts. Karate Adults/Teens All Belts. 
 ** 6:00PM. Kata Adult Beginners/ All Belts.
 ** 7:00PM. Kumite Conditioning / Strategy / Intermediate/Advance/ Black Belts.

 **2:30 PM After School Youth Programs ages 4 -15, Seishi Karate / Taiko. Drums,  Roll/Tumble/Fitness, Group Youth Activities.
 **4:00PM. Karate Kids Beginners/ All Belts. Karate Adults Beginners/ All Belts.
 **5:00PM. Karate Kids/ intermediate/Advance Belts. Karate Adults/Teens All Belts. 
 **6:00PM. Only Black Belts.

 **8:30AM. Adult /Teen Beginners & All Belts (email us to confirm this class).
 **11:45 AM. , 12:45 Adult/ Beginners and All Belts.
 **2:30PM. After SchoolYouth Program ages 4-14, Seishi Karate Taiko Drums and Group  Activities
 **4:00PM. Karate Kids Beginners/ All Belts. Karate Parents Beginners/ All Belts.
 **5:00PM. Karate Kids/ Intermediate/Advance Belts. Karate Parent/ Teen All Belts. 
 **6:00PM. Kata Adult Beginners/ All Belts..
 **7:00PM. Kumite/Conditioning/strategy/ Green, Brown, Black Belts. 

 **2:30PM. After School Youth Enrichment Programs age 4-14, 
 Seishi Juku Karate, SeiDaiko Taiko Drums, Group Activities
 **4:00PM. Karate Kids Beginners/ All Belts. Karate Parents Beginners/ All Belts.
 **4:00PM- 6:00PM.. Seidaiko Taiko Drum Instruction 
 **5:00PM. Karate Kids/ Intermediate/Advance Belts. Karate Parent/ Teen/ All Belts. 
 **6:00PM. Kata Adult Beginners/ All Belts.

 **9:30 AM. Seishi Karate Basics Parent/ Child Beginners/ All Belts.
 **10:30AM. Seishi Technique Conditioning and Self-Defense /All Belts.
 **11:30AM. Seishi Drills and Kata /intermediate Adv./ Blk. Belts. 
 **12:30PM. Kumite sparring and strategy/ Intermediate/ Adv. / Blk. Belts.
 **2:30PM Taiko Drum Instruction / Alternating Performance.  
 Private/Semi Private Taiko Class, Schedule Available.

 Ask about...
 New Seishi Tensho Isometrics & Technique Movement Low Impact Fitness For Adults. 
 Personal Conditioning, Beginner/Advanced, Endurance/Fitness...
 Sharing information & suggestions, in our suggestion box. At Seishi Karate Honbu front desk... 

 Remember when...
 Seishi Honbu Summer Day Camps 8:00AM- 5:00PM. Up to 10 weeks, June-September.
 Seishi Honbu After School Youth Enrichment Programs, Daily M-F, 2:30PM.- 6PM.
 SeiDaiko Taiko Drums, Lion Dance, Thursday and Friday, 2:30PM and 3:30PM. 
 SeiDaikoTaiko Performance, Lion Dance & Kabuki  Saturday, 2:30PM. odd/even weeks. 
 Ask about evening semi private SeiDaiko Taiko Drum class schedules, for Adults or Children.. 

 If you have questions or suggestions regarding our instructional program or 
 schedule of classes, please let us know...  contact us!
Interested in learning more?
Best training results...
Official "Seishi Juku Karate" offers mindful practice and performance, for both male and female students; including traditional martial arts techniques, and life long wisdom . 
"Seishi Juku Karate" represents and emphasizes "Strong Heart", "Strong Mind"and "Real Discipline. 
Most important is combined mental, physical, spiritual development, high performance and moral character building. Seishi Juku Karate uniquely includes cultural and intellectual benefits, producing highly accomplished students, from all backgrounds of life. 
Affiliated Seishi Juku Karate and Seishi personal defense training programs, win high recognition, as college courses. 
Our enrichment programs are very popular with adults and school age children. 
Seishi Juku Karate student performance and requirement levels are outstanding and higher; instilling self-confidence, self-discipline, embracing compassion within self-defense and use of physical applications, when no other options exist. Kata (form) Kumite (sparring) and Tameshiwari (breaking); are formal (mental / physical) martial art elements of Seishi training. Live demonstrations and performances are available, via, contact and scheduling.
The Most Comprehensive Martial Art Instruction And "Mindful" Personal Enrichment: 

*Seishi Karate Basics, Intermediate, Advanced, Black Belt,  Formal Exercise, Self-Defense, Weaponry

*Seishi Meditation, Lectures, Philosophy, Calming, Breathing And Postures.  

*Seishi Karate Self-Defense for "Women Only",  Seniors Through Teens.

*Seishi Karate Master Black Belt Training.

*Seishi Kendo/ Iaido (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance).

Seishi Tameshi-Wari (mindful,confidence, Breaking Technique clinics).

Official Seishi Honbu Martial Arts, personal enrichment and mindful discipline approach, has been simulated but not duplicated!!! 

Train unlimited and direct. "Seishi Honbu" for beginners or experienced, adults and children, as young as 3.5 years old. 
Our Personal and Professional Commitment... 
Seishi Juku Karate instruction includes never ending compassion, for each student; which makes "Seishi Juku Karate"training easy to learn and time well spent. 
Formal Seishi Karate practice & discipline, embraces the art of personal enrichment, for everyone.
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Beginner Special... Save $$$ 
Includes: 3-Months Tuition, Annual Membership,Complete Uniform, Patches, Unlimited Classes, Professional/ Personalized Support, Performance & Success Guaranteed.
World FamousTraditional Training, Full Class Schedules & No Contracts!!!