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"SEIDAIKO" TAIKO DRUMMING... Instruction and Performance 
"SeiDaiko"taiko drumming maintains the quality and integrity of traditional taiko drumming. Focus and unity from each individual's musical talent, is always considered and required. 
"SeiDaiko" taiko drumming involves mental and physical discipline, practical martial art choreography, combined with the cultural experience.

Respectfully, we are Ithaca's Very First Professional Taiko Drum Group ...
Established Since 1996. One of the first taiko drum groups to expand traditional drumming techniques. Combining Asian/ African and Latin drumming, rhythms, with Shime Daiko, Nagadou Daiko and Hira Daiko.

"SeiDaiko" Explores taiko drumming from primitive folk art roots, developing a powerful, sophisticated, expression of sound. 
"SeiDaiko" is traditional, modern and freestyle rhythms, harmonious movement; which all come together.

"SeiDaiko" taiko drumming involves Personal achievement of mental and physical performance; including cultural choreography, combined with the percussion experience. "SeiDaiko" explores Chinese and Japanese style lion dances. Shi shi ma, Foo-Dog, and Kabuki.

Grandmaster SOKE O. Lane, is senior instructor for "SeiDaiko" Taiko. Drum percussion, choreography, cultural lion dance, ongoing classes, are open to adults and children, beginners and experienced. Students 4 years old and up. Inquire for enrollment. Beginner , intermediate, advanced instruction.  

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